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Sam Weaver Owner

“Morning personality Barry Michaels is like those referred to in Major League baseball as 'Professional Hitters'. He is a solid pro, delivering every time he turns on the microphone. His delivery is a warm, funny, and focused. Barry is informative, observational, conversational, curious, and an excellent storyteller. He knows how to hook a listener and has impeccable timing. Because of his high radio IQ, my job as his personal talent coach has been enjoyable. Michaels takes direction well and enhances on whatever advice is given. For example, I suggested he pre-promote his benchmarks more during his show, he had a short drop voiced and began playing it in front of each stopset. Too many pros like Barry are disappearing from our business; I would highly recommend him as a morning air talent."


Steve King Content Specialist On Air Program Director

“One word to describe Barry Michaels, 'Professional'. In radio it take someone who is willing to marry their audience, work professionally with the staff, be an entertainer and understand and possess a certain 'it' quality. Barry Michaels is all of that and so much more. I was overseeing a station in Clarksdale Ms., which carried the ABC HOT AC format, where Barry MIchaels was the morning host. It was one of the most professional syndicated shows I have ever heard from a 24 hour format. He put on a major market morning show for a city of 20,000 people. When I finally was able to work one on one with Barry, I found Barry to be a student of the business, one of the quickest wits in the business, a completely reliable professional and stablizing force within the building. After leaving Barnstable Broadcasting, I kept in touch with Barry. To this day, if I had a station that would be a good fit for us and him, I would hire him, no questions asked. I am glad I met, worked with and kept in touch with Barry. You will too.”


John Shomby NASH Network Director of Programming

In the two plus years Barry Michaels performed as morning show host for WFOG, he was a model employee, enthusiastic personality and a constant creative contributor to the station's overall marketing plan. His relationship with our listeners has been second to none and he gives a clinic each time he goes on appearance as to how to 'mingle' with those listeners.

If we did have the opportunity to move him somewhere else in this cluster, we would have. If I ever get the chance to hire him again, I will, so sign him to a long-term deal and pay him very well. He's one of the very best and I'll miss him terribly. Please call should you have any questions.


Mike Allen Program Director

In the past two years, I have had the pleasure of working with Barry Michaels.  One of the best qualities about Barry is his incredible attitude toward radio and life in general.  You can't help but smile every time you see him in the hall or listen to him on the radio.  He has been 92-9 WFOG's best 'cheerleader'.

He has demonstrated a great work ethic, remains a positive and passionate radio broadcaster and has become an important member of the community.

Barry is one of the best morning personalities I have ever worked with and connects with his listeners like family.  His remote broadcasts draw a ton of listeners and his live breaks are always entertaining.

In conclusion, If you're looking for a great talent who is funny, topical, local and relevant to your audience and radio station, Barry Michaels is your man.

He has been a superb employee for 92-9 WFOG and will be one for you as well.


Jennifer Roberts Morning Show Co-Host 'The Wave'/Virginia Beach

When I first began to tell people that I'd been given the opportunity to work with Barry Michaels on 92.9 WFOG, all I saw were smiles and I heard things like "Barry is like a barrel full of monkeys, you'll never have a dull day", and "Oh, you're so lucky, he's just the greatest there is".  Well, after a year and a half working with him I now know that he truly in the most gifted, creative, absolutely hilarious, yet professional guy I've ever worked with.

Specifically, Barry can turn any old average phone call into a true gem that has we, the listeners, and even the boss laughing.  Not only is he a team player in the studio and on the air, but he also gives his free time to further the cause of the radio station and lends his personal touch to various worthy charities and events.  He's extremely well-loved by our listeners and always brings smiles to their faces.  He has a deep love for his work and it shows.

Barry is more than just radio. He truly loves his family and has so many eclectic interests; all that allows him to bring the very best to the air each morning.  He's real, he's witty, he just 'sparkles' and I'd recommend him, without reservation to anyone who wants a solid, down-to-earth, yet vibrant employee on their team!

Mindy Lang Former Assistant Program Director WMXJ/Miami

“Barry is THE REAL DEAL. When Barry works for you or with you it's a total pleasure. He knows how to work a crowd and enjoys it. I never met anybody better at shaking hands and kissing babies. He IS 'Uncle Bar',  that's how his listener family relates to him. Barry gives all he has at everything he does on and off air and still offers to lend a helping hand to anybody that needs one. When you think Barry...think team player”

Mark Young Senior Account Executive WMXJ/Miami

Barry is one of the most creative individuals that I ever had the pleasure to work with. He must of written the script on entertaining a live audience. Never have I seen anyone capture a crowds attention like him. His energy,adaptation are as unique as they come. He cares deeply about his work and sets the standards for others to follow.

Bob Glasco Owner Glasco Media

“I hired Barry's when I was the program director at KMLE. I had the pleasure of working with him until I left to become a consultant. He was cooperative, fun to be around, and funny on the air. A definite asset to the radio station.”

John Foster Morning Presenter BBC Radio Tees

“Barry is one of the most professional broadcasters I have worked with. His creativity is brilliant and helped our process, from start to finish, of re-defining our rock and soul programmes on the BBC in the north of the United Kingdom. The reaction from the audience was noted to. A true friend...a master of his craft, nothing is too much trouble for him and he delivers.....EVERYTIME! I would love to work with Barry Michaels in person, trouble is the Atlantic Ocean is in the way! Barry.... you rock and thank you!”

Joel Dearing Former Program Director WYYD Roanoke/Lynchburg

“I had the opportunity to hire Barry as the morning talent at  WYYD, and it was a great opportunity. Barry brought a wealth of experience and discipline to the position. With that experience and discipline I saw an immediate improvement in the WYYD morning show. His ability to work an audience is second to none, and the audience really does respond to him in a positive way. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to experience his work.”

Pat Clarke Former Program Director XM Satellite Radio

“Barry is one of the 'good guys' in radio. Personable, and a good communicator. A winning combination. He has lots of success stories with many years of broadcasting successes. Barry 'gets it. He understands the sales, marketing and promotions side of the biz. In addition, he's excellent on the air. I would endorse him very highly.

Jay Prater Former Program Director

"I have never met someone in this business with the draw Barry has. His appearances are swamped with listeners, and he takes time for every one. Ladies in particular melt into puddles when they meet or talk to him. Wish we had an army of Barries on staff!”


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