Barry Michaels

Radio Is My Life!

The Here And Now-Epilogue..


I hope you have enjoyed the ride, whether you are a listener or someone in the biz. I have loved seeing this country, (always through the windshield of my VW Bug) and have embraced all the places that I've been privileged to live. There is not enough money on this earth to make me trade what I've seen--from the Golden Gate Bridge at dawn smothered in fog to the wonderful stillness of Strawberry, the magnificent Twin Towers in New get my point. You are smart enough to read between the lines during this story and you know that this life is not all glamor and fun. It's hard work, long hours and a good dose of loneliness. It's the type of business where your best friends from twenty years ago won't return your phone calls if you are out of work, but on the other hand, people will come out of the woodwork and surprise you with their professionalism and concern. Broadcasting is not for the faint of heart-you have to want it, especially in today's atmosphere. Those of you still in the business know exactly what I mean. One of the most difficult things for me was kissing my wife good-bye and heading out to a new job, hotel rooms and leaving my family to cope with the whole moving process. I honestly believe this is one reason I have so much affinity for the military.'A good soldier goes where he's told'. Leaving the ones I love, whether it has been my decision or one made for me was nothing short of dreadful. One might think that after all the years and all the miles, I'd be tired. I'm not. The passion and excitement I felt about radio as a young man growing up still exists. And to this day, being on the air is one of the happiest times of my life. I have met and worked with some of the most incredibly gifted perfomers you can imagine, people who truly are 'touched'. I have also met the Devil a couple of times too. Interesting the different forms he takes, isn't it?

My wife Sandy and I are living and working in Florida. We are home.

Keepin' My Ego In Check..

A couple of stations back, I had this listener who called me virtually every day for almost four years. Always polite and always cognizant of the fact I didn't have much time to chat. He's what I would call a 'radio friend'.
During my last week on the air, I asked him to please call me on Thursday, which was to be my final show, because I wanted to share with him the news. He called me every day, before that day, wanting to know what was up.
When Thursday came, he calls thirty minutes into the show, and I tell him that I'm moving on to another radio station. He says he's sorry, and he wishes me well. Then, he pauses. For about five seconds. And, finally, he says, "Bear, got any Martina McBride tickets before you go?"

I'm still laughing about that one!





Payin' My Dues..

I live with my wife, Sandy. I want to thank my family for their understanding in allowing me to think, type, and generally bug the hell out of them while I put this part of my radio life up for you to see. Oh yeah! What is that image? I spotted it recently and it so reminded me of my partner in all this, I wanted to share it with you. Sandy you are the music in my life!

Too Much Sweet Stuff? Hit The Button!


Thank you, Keith O'Malley who spent hours installing software so that I might build this site, and become a stronger, more well rounded air personality through the use of computers. Because of you and my natural curiosity, I feel as if there is nothing I can't do now. Here..and in a broadcast studio. I'll never be able to repay you.

Thank you, Mike Allen for planting the 'seed' to build this site. I never knew it would grow so tall.

The music on my home page is supplied by Steely Dan. All Rights Reserved. Thanks for the memories guys..and I'm still making them every day. Rock on..


'Bugs' Are Chick Magnets!

Many of you have been kind enough to ask if I still drive that 'Bug' every day. You bet! Over 530 thousand miles. This has to be some sort of record. It would be hard to put into words what that car means to me. And, as I found out, to others, as well. 
'The Mighty Bug'

Just One More Thing!

There is a common thread that runs throughout this narrative, and it's about WLS/ CHICAGO. Why the fascination, you ask? As a small town boy in the 1960's, most of my hometown radio was lacking in many respects, primarily because the FCC orderd them to cease operations at local sunset, but that's not to say that rural radio stations don't serve a very valuable purpose. Most of the stations where I grew up programmed country music in the morning, 'easy listening' in the mid-day hours (think Pat Boone and The 1000 Strings), and rock and roll in the afternoon. NOT what a 13 year old wants! I wanted my rock and roll 24/7! And the personalities at WLS, WABC, WCFL? Polished, fast and funny! Plus, I knew from a very young age what I wanted to do with my life. GET ON THE RADIO AND PLAY THE HELL OUT OF THOSE FILTHY ROCK AND ROLL SONGS!

Almost Made It..

And yes! I finally realized my dream, with a little help from Jam. Take a peek at their site. Click the logo.

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