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Not to sound trite, but the music on these stations truly was the soundtrack of our generation..and the personalities made this sometimes lonely country boy their friend. Thank you all.

They Influenced And Entertained Us...

Press logo for 'CFL jingle. 

Chicago Radio

There was quite a battle between WCFL and WLS. We listeners were the winners. If you doubt how important these two stations were in the history of 'Rock Radio', Google their call letters and see for yourself the number of tribute sites. Here's Larry Lujack with what I call, 'The Cat Story'..

Chicago Radio 2

It was one of the reasons I enjoyed listening to WLS. 'Uncle Lar' and 'Little Tommy' almost didn't get through this one!

Chicago Radio 3

Most of what we heard on WLS beginning in 1967 was due, in part, to the efforts of programming wizard JOHN ROOK. One trade magazine called him 'the architect of WLS's slick image'. When he left, the listenership of WLS was over four million per week. In 1972, Mr. Rook was approached by WCFL to bring the station into contention with WLS. Six weeks later, he did just that-by knocking WLS out of the #1 position. If you would like to read more of the fascinating life of new friend, John Rook, or 'behind the scenes' articles on the state of radio today, (you won't read this kind of stuff in the newspaper!) click here. Read how RUSH LIMBAUGH wanted John to throw a very popular disc jockey off the air, so he could take his place! You'll enjoy what John told him!

New York Radio

This will bring back a sweet memory for those of you who grew up with..'Music Radio WABC'!

'South of the Border Radio'

Have Mercy! It's 'The Wolfman'!  Here he is on XERF/Del Rio, Texas (Actually he was broadcasting from Mexico) with his infamous 'Baby Chickens Commercial'. Rock on, Wolfman, wherever you are!

Los Angeles Radio

The 'left coast' of the United States had some bitchin' radio too! And whenever we radio warriors could get some tape of 93 KHJ/Los Angeles, we were in heaven! Air personalities like Charlie Tuna, Johnny Mitchell, Robert W. Morgan, The Real Don Steele (pictured) were 'Radio Gods' in Los Angeles. Yet another group of trailblazers we all looked up to.  Press the logo for a jingle that I believe captures the essence of radio in southern California at that time for the listeners of 93 KHJ!

Raleigh Radio

Don't discount this city because of it's size. With Pat Patterson doing mornings, Rick Dees at night, and a very talented daytime lineup, including Tommy Walker, Charlie Brown and Dale Van Horn, trust me, it was one hell of a radio station. Jack Kane, former WKIX personality, has lovingly preserved the 'sound' of what this radio station was and still is to those of us who were lucky enough to have spent some time listening to 'Channel 85-WKIX'! Click the logo to visit the site.


WYPR/Danville, Virginia was a great sounding station that I spent quite a bit of time with as I did WFRC Reidsville, North Carolina. (There was a cheerleader involved in the latter. And, if you are reading this, Little Miss Prom Queen, how about returning my graduation photo. You know, the one in which I wore a WWII helmet? I was unable to get it after you broke my heart, stomped on it and then set it on fire...) Did you once work at these stations? Are you still able to type and go to the bathroom by yourself? Do the Depends commercials on television make you drop what you're doing? (Smart ass radio humor there...but you'd expect nothing less, would you?) Do you have audio or photos? Contact me. I'd like to give these stations and the hard working, talented staff a nice plug! 


Why the jingles scattered throughout this site? Since I was a kid listening to the radio, a certain combination of jingles and a song would raise the hair on my arms and give me goose bumps. I know, it sounds crazy, but it's true.
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