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I mentioned a couple of stations above as 'guilty pleasures'. This is one I stream everyday!
Program Director Brian Thomas and staff have a 'tight and bright', great sounding radio station, give a listen.

Keith Urban!

I'll admit it. I was a bit starstruck. Keith is not only a talented musician, he's the 'real deal' when it comes to his fans, treating each one with respect. I was honored.

May 2009

Taylor Swift!


Taylor is an incredibly gifted and down to earth young woman. After the concert, I thought that if I had been that 'together' when I was 17, I could have conquered the world!
And, thank you Larry Shannon for the nice write-up.

Larry has done an amazing job of collecting everything that is radio.
Click the logo above and visit his site. Up to the minute and brilliant!

Live Shots..

   Interview with Joe Flannagan WVEC Virginia Beach

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TV Commercials...

TV Spots/Phoenix

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6 O'Clock News...

Interview with KPRC Houston
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A 'Bear' Plate Special...

Radio personalities do tons of appearances, but I've never had this happen before! At the 'Asthma Walk' kick off luncheon for the American Lung Association, I had my lunch eaten by Virginia's Lt. Governor, Bill Bolling. Literally. The next morning, I had some fun with him, and challenged Bill to call me. He did.
Never leave your plate unattended around a politician! Click the headphones..

Many thanks to these publications who thought it newsworthy enough for their readers. Please visit their sites. They work hard, and love radio as much as I.

Gleaning For The World..

This is a public service announcement that supports Gleaning For The World's efforts to assist those affected by the recent cyclone. Click the photo to the left to view. To help or learn more, please visit-

The Station Made Me Do It..

I'm actually 108 years old. Not bad huh?


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