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As you know from the beginning of this story, I admired my father,'Big A' and was very close to him, but as a kid, I was not what you might call 'mechanically inclined'. My dad was very good with tools and on many ocassions told me that I didn't know my ass from my elbow after dropping a wrench on his foot for the umteenth time. Here I was in 2005 still proving him right!

See Anything Wrong?

WVEC TV Interview

"Do You Like Gladiator Movies"?

The only thing better than some tv face time, is having someone famous do a 'line' for your show..

Hot Damn! Thighs That Could Crush A Walnut!

My life is complete! I got to appear on a comic book cover with a beautiful woman! (And boy were they kind to me!) Jennifer Roberts and I. WFOG/Norfolk

And Again..

With Helen Powers/2008

What My First Wife Wanted. I Can't Talk..

I got my own bobble head too! The shorts look a bit roomy. Get my drift?

Oh Yes I Did!

Shaved my legs..but for a good cause. Five hundred bucks for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Hell yes, anything for those kids!

Still At It..

Limo ride to a Foghat/Blue Oyster Cult concert..



Go take a look at my military page, or Master Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey will show up at your door!

'Mr. Motivation'..