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Get Your Tongue Out Of My Ear, Gene!

Myself, P.D. Bart Prater, his son Jay and KISS contest winners, along with Gene Simmons and his boys..

WROV/Roanoke, Virginia

Rudy 1

It's a gratuitous celeb shot with  Rudy from SURVIVOR. (I'm making the face because you see, Rudy is a Navy Seal, and he's squeezing! That's it!) Rudy made several appearances on 'Michaels in The Morning', and he was never afraid to speak his mind.

Rudy 2

On his second visit, Rudy and I did some arm wrestling. As my Dad said many times-"What the hell is wrong with you"?

Superstar Craig Morgan!


Joey And Rory!

Before The Concert 2009

It's All About Me, Isn't It?