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Smack That Ball Mama!

Hurricane Ike

During a recent  Radiothon to help those affected by the third most destructive hurricane to hit the United States, I was able to finally contact someone at a radio station in Pasadena, Texas. This interview took place on the morning of September 15, 2008 and was compelling enough that my Operations Manager asked that it be aired throughout the group. I hope Gabriel and his family are well and recovering... 

('Eye' courtesy 


Did You Ever Think About It?

What your name would be if your parents named you after the place you were conceived?


Did You Know?



Even At Work..

You can't escape them! Gotta hand it to her though-she's persistent!



Bill On Hillary..

You Did What?

The Date From Hell..



What Does Your Kid Eat For Breakfast?



Wrong Number...

Be careful how you dial if I'm on the air...

Almost Forgot. The Eye Story..

The guy to the left had a ring made out of his false eye for his wife. What was he thinking?

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Get Me Outta Here!

Are you numb with pain after listening to all this audio? This takes you to 'My Radio Tribute'. And just wondering, what the hell is wrong with my ear?


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