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Ok, this is the type of biographical information I normally provide to potential employers. I also used it to try and impress women when I was single. The result was usually the same-a big yawn! If you feel the need, click the mike. Or, if that information is too clinical, click this logo for a more personal interview.


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Scott Pelley

When he anchored The CBS Evening News, my wife made it clear how she felt about him.




The Whole Nine Yards..

I've included examples of my latest air work, videos, imaging, references and interviews with everyone from Larry The Cable Guy to Kenny Loggins. Click the logo to look and listen. 



Barry Michaels's VisualCV

I Know. I Have Problems..


What Did He Say?

For those of you in radio, you know the drill. Occasionally, you'll invite the local tv anchors by for a little 'synergy'. This guy is very self-effacing (I know, a rarity in our business), and when he told me off air what his on air mistake was, I knew I'd have to turn it into a contest.



The World..

My Program Directors have always told me that morning radio should be, in many respects, as if two people are talking about the events of our world and community at the breakfast table.
I still think that's good advice..

Who Is On Line Three?

It was late in the show, and and I was a bit punchy. When the listener told me her name, I just lost it. 


She Gives Great Phone..

I like to involve my wife Sandy in the show. I get tons of positive listener feedback on this bit, so at least once a week, I'll share something topical with her.



I think my web designer has gone a bit 'artsy fartsy' on me, but that aside, we did have some fun talking about dreams and what they mean.


The Naked Babysitter..

It was the coffee that did her in...

Parakeet Panties!

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A 'Moment'..

My partner, 'Hunter' is a real professional. But, writing copy at four a.m. after a long week can lead to a slip of the lip. I laughed all day...


Big Assed Babies!

Torture Device!

BBC Voice Work

John Foster, morning presenter, is one of the most talented performers in our business, so I was incredibly flattered when he asked that I do voice work for his Saturday night show.  You know the drill. Click the headphones.


Live Reads..

I love to involve the listeners at all times on my show, and they never disappoint....

Valentine's Day..

Recently, I was talking about useless Valentine's Day gifts. I never expected to hear this one, and to top off the bit, he tells me his last name is 'Costco'. The listeners peed their pants...

Morning Teams..

It's the 'ebb and flow', the 'give and take' between morning show members that makes for must listen radio, even when being silly. Anna Deharo and I were the best of friends, both on and off the air, and here I think it shows.

Anna is still active in Dallas radio, and one of the most talented people I've ever shared a studio with. Miss you Annie!

What?'s been very hot here lately. I'm trying to get the listeners to think cool thoughts and all I wanted was a simple answer..

A Burning Question..


I'll bet he never expected a call like this. And, so early....






Fun With Jack Hanna

Afternoons In West Palm..

Clay Walker

Compliments are nice..especially when the boss is standing in the control room. Here's Clay and I wrapping it up.

'AC' Swing/West Palm

'The Man'...

I saw this photo of Clint Eastwood recently, and I was amazed at how much it reminded me of a couple of my former Program Directors.  Not the rugged good looks, it's the 'Let's meet at ten a.m.' stare. You morning radio people know exactly what I mean...

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