Barry's Family and More! Barry's Family and More! My Family.. At least half of us! Sandy, Joe and Me! 51199219 Joe in Dallas.. One of my favorite photos of him at play..(right) 51199220 Pumpkin Carving Time! Myself, Joe, beloved boxer Chelsea and the legendary Bug! Houston, Texas 51199221 Promotional Piece.. My boss in Orlando believed in promoting his personalities. 51199222 My Son The Artist.. Wish I could get him to follow this career path..Oh well.. 51199223 What the hell.. Anything to make the audience giggle! 51199224 Sis and I.. Santa brought me know.. 51199225 Yes, Honey.. I will be home soon. 51199226 Bette Midler and the Marlboro Man.. Sandy and I. Phoenix 51199227 Someone call the cops.. The last time I wore earrings alcohol was involved.. 51199228 Where I like to be.. Surrounded by listeners.. 51199229 My Talent Fee Is wWhat? Late? I am not happy.. 51199230 A Rite of Passage. Dad attempts to show son how to tie the proper knot.. 51199231 My Great Grandfather. Percival (Iron Balls) Michaels records an early car commercial.. 51199232 My Great Uncle.. And newsman-Earl (If It Bleeds, It Leads) Michaels 51199233 Kristina Cornell Nashville newcomer, and, I was trying not to stare.. 51199234 Grad Day! Brother Andy, Jake, Mom, Joe. 51199235 Bar Stunts.. You wanna do what with that beer? 51199236 Late night appearance.. The calm before storm. 51199237 On Stage.. Some say this shot reminds them of an evangelist. Say amen! 51199238 Grandson Scout 205528872 Granddaughter Ady 205528873 Ady And Grandson Jake 205528874 Home Where I would like to end up... 205528870