Barry Michaels

Radio Is My Life!

  An American Radio Personality..

I like the sound of that. American Radio Personality. And, it’s a badge I’m proud to wear. With over forty years in radio, I’ve got some great stories to share in that I’ve been lucky enough to have worked at some award winning radio stations across the United States, and with some of the greatest performers in the business. This is more than my continuing story, it’s the story of anyone who’s ever sat behind a microphone. There’s audio here, from myself and some of my heroes. The villains? They’re here too. I update the site daily, as I do the 'sound', it’s on virtually every page, and you’ll need to look for my headphones. Or you can go to one of my audio pages now.  Simply look to the left-Barry's Airchecks or Barry's Airchecks 2.

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